Thursday, June 17, 2010

Two Lilacs

The day before yesterday I noticed my 4-wheeler was starting kind of uneasily and I thought it might be because I had been driving it just short little distances and stopping again so it hadn't been running long enough to charge up for all those times starting. So I drove it down the driveway and back up through the field. The space between the old house foundation and the place where i planted the 200 lilacs is no more than 50 feet and I went through there.
There has not been a house there for over 60 years, and I have been there thousands of times without seeing any such thing, but I saw a little lilac bush, 3 or 4 feet tall with 2 clusters of blossoms on it. I wondered it that is a sign in favor of this project and I said so in a message in which I told my new friend Jenny.
She answered as follows:
" Aww Terron! That is the sweetest story yet! OF COURSE IT'S A SIGN!! It's just a baby lilac yet it bloomed! We may be a small group of people who believe in this project but we have power. I think your daughter would appreciate this project more if she understood what it means to you and what it stands for! It's unity, friendship, and love! People coming together for one cause that by the way, is not harmful in anyway. When this labyrinth is completed, there will be families of people who come to pray and just be somewhere with good energy. Family picnicks and it will bring so much happiness to people! I am so proud that you are so dedicated to this. That little bush was a sign to addess your worry and doubt in this project. You may feel a bit silly for taking on such a project, but if you keep faith and believe in what you're doing you will not only accomplish this, but inspire other people. You're creating love Terron! That's pretty damn special! I have 11 dollars in donations so far and I haven't even done anything but mention to my friends about the project! I will get out soon to go door to door. Today is a weird day weather-wise. It's cold, and hot, and sunny and raining.....Maybe another day would be better. I was thinking Sunday because lots of people will be home."

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