Sunday, August 22, 2010

The money as of 22 August

OK! By the time I deposited the last lilac money I had a total of $1161.97. I have now sold $126 more worth of lilac spoons - well, one $9 little bowl among them. That makes $1287.97, if I figure right. Of course I had $395 in that account before I started putting in money from lilac spoons. Hmmm. Should I tell them now to go ahead and clear, or wait til I have the whole $1200 from lilac spoons and donations? It might not take so much longer. What do you think?
I also talked to someone who has made a labyrinth on her own place and she thinks I probably have to stick with the proportions between thickness of line and width of path used in Chartres cathedral to make it any good. I hadn't considered that, because it would make the whole thing impossibly huge. That concerns me, though, because what if it's true? Does anybody who reads this know of any way to find that out? If it is true, it might be necessary to make one with fewer circuits. But I want to know for sure before I make a decision.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I haven't gone to the bank yet because it's still Sunday, but I just added up all the lilac spoons I've sold and I only need about $41 more before I call the heavy equipment guys to clear the land!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


I went to the bank on Friday with the bankbook for the labyrinth account, which I had kept forgetting to take, and asked them to update it and put in $74 more. I had figured I should have $1100 and a little more when I put in the $74, but their figures showed only $959 or something like that. I will try to find the receipts, but although I do keep them, I am liable to lose some of them, too, and probably their figures are right. So I don't have as much as I thought, but I have prospered at the markets this weekend, and I have some more to put in, too.
Surely I will be able to get the clearing done by sometime next month. It may be longer than that before it actually gets done, because the man with the machine may not be able to come right away. Very likely he will be doing another job with it somewhere and I will have to wait til he has time.
Oh, I should say that last weekend a woman who has made a labyrinth in her field, the only one for a long way around, sent me by some guests in her inn, a folder of information on labyrinths, but I haven't had time to read it yet. She can dowse, but I have never had any success doing it, so, when it comes time to lay it out, I hope she will come and help me pick the exact location and the direction it should aim, or whatever you use dowsing for in laying out a labyrinth.
This doesn't have so much to do with the labyrinth, but I have been having some trouble keeping up with the production of enough spoons for my business and getting other things done too, like garden work. But I need to take a day and see if I can get the handles made for the cabinets in my house, especially the drawers, which are not practical to open without them.
This evening I went to the garden to get some greens for dinner, and found the kale seed ready to harvest. If I leave it too long, too much of it will fall on the ground, so I brought that all in and laid it on a sheet to dry a little more so I can thrash it out. But this all takes so much time and effort when my legs don't work any better than they do.
But I need to make more spoons. I have 4 pieces of lilac wood left, 4 or 5 feet long and maybe 4 inches in diameter. I will cut one, at least, up in my next batch, but I can't make all the spoons lilac, because not everyone wants lilac. I will make some apple and some wild cherry, too.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lilacs from Sobey's

I went to the farmer's market in Antigonish yesterday and saw my wonderful friend Jenny again for a while. After the market I went to a Sobey's supermarket to get some groceries. As I was leaving I heard someone call my name out. I looked all around but I didn't see who did it. They called a few times more and I finally saw it was an old friend sitting with her husband at a table you had to pass heading for the exit, selling tickets to a community picnic. I went back and talked with her for a while. Among other things, I told her about the lilac labyrinth. I said I have nearly enough money to get the land cleared but of course it will be necessary to buy a lot more lilacs. She said lilacs are all over the place and can be had for free. She told me her mother planted them many years ago and they have spread til they are taking over the yard and she has urged her brother to do something about them. She asked me if I have a truck. I told her I have a Toyota pickup. She figured it would take 2 trips. She said her brother has a backhoe and can dig them much faster than a person with a shovel. So she will give me lilac bushes when the time comes. I don't know how many that will be, but a significant number, for sure. So the necessary things gather little by little.