Monday, June 7, 2010

Encouragement from a new friend

The new friend I mentioned in the last entry gave me permission to use her message, provided I don't publicize her name and address, so here is most of the text of her message:

Terron! It's so funny you and I should meet when we did. I have always associated God (just another word for love in my opinion) with nature and then more specifically as I got older, flowers. A week before I met you my mother in-law brought me a beautiful bouquet of lilacs from her back yard. She said, "Jenny, you should have these. I had to trim my tree back this year and I can't have flowers in the house because I fill right up!" I guess she has allergies.
Anyhow, I should also note that when I was a little girl I would always steal flowers from the neighbours gardens and (especially lilacs!) take them home to my mother! They have been my favourite flower for a long time. Lately, I have been seeing them everywhere. Paintings, bouquets, tattoos, hair pieces.... Sometimes I will be walking down the street and smell them. I'll look around and there won't be a lilac bush in sight! Strange huh?! And if that's not a strong enough sign, BOOM! A big bouquet lands right on my coffee table!!
I'm not sure what it was, but I had a very hard time leaving your table. I felt that I needed to be there. It was a very strange feeling....My husband even said, "Jenny, there was something very special going on there for sure!"
My conclusion to these little signs I've been having is that this Lilac Labyrinth you're constructing is very important. I'm not sure why, but I just know in my heart that it is. Perhaps it has something to do with the sad state of affairs our Earth is in. I just don't know, but I know you're on the right path and doing something significant. I wish you all the best in your project and I will continue to support it in any way that I can manage.Wonderful to meet you!

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