Tuesday, November 22, 2011

They did work. Timmy is back for a couple weeks from Alberta and he and John K. came and hauled gravel and spread it on my road into the area where I want to make the labyrinth. They spread 14 loads of gravel and billed me a $2100 for the gravel, $315 for spreading it and $150 for haulin the dozer over here, plus tax. Timmy said 15 cm of snow is predicted for tomorrow, which probably puts an end to the project til spring, but I won't be able to afford any more til I sell some more lilac spoons and things anyway. He thinks it will take about that much more to get the road clear across the bog. Fooey, I was hoping to be able to finish it this fall so I would be able to plant in the spring.
I need some more lilac wood, I think, to be able to make enough more things to raise that much money!
November 22, a sunny day, and the equipment operator has come with a truck I can hear down at the road and has walked up and started the bulldozer and is driving it down there. Has he come to work, or to take the machine away? We will soon know, I guess. He didn't come talk to me.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Pouring rain all day. No sign of the operator, but then it's a holiday. But it rained enough it may not dry sufficiently before it snows. It was warm today though. I wish I'd looked at the temperaturein the afternoon.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

As you can see, if you look at the dates of these posts, it has been over a month since a heavy equipment operator I've dealt with before promised to come look at it, but nothing happened. I called him and he said again he'd come but I didn't hear from him. So I called again and he said he had come but it was too wet. He said he'd come again. He did and wanted to know how much mony I was willin to spend before he brought the equipment back from wherever it was. I told him and he said he'd call Timmy, who owns the machines.
Yesterday I went early in the morning to take my car to have a rear wheel bearing replaced but they never got to look at it that day, so I had to stay overnight at my daughter's place, and they got it done sometime in the middle of the day. I went to a store and a gas station and came home, and I find the dozer here. So he is finally ready to begin. But heavy rain is predicted tomorrow and tomorrow night and rain the next day, so we will see how far he can get.
Delays and mechanical problems have been plaguing my effort to get enough spoons made for the Christmas fair I'm going to the first weekend in December, too. One of those delays is that a woman who promised to bring me a piece of lilac she cut down went to the US so I will have to wait til she comes back to get that. As I said last post (or was it the one before?), I am almost out of lilac wood except for small scraps. I wish I had some for this fair coming up.