Sunday, June 6, 2010

lilac spoon sales to date

Yesterday I went to Antigonish Farmer's Market, 2 weeks ago to the same, and today to Mabou Farmer's Market. At the markets so far this year the lilac spoons I have sold have brought in a total of $34. Not much, but this is the beginning of the season.
At the Antigonish market yesterday I met a woman who was an immediate friend. She has sent me two messages since, in the second of which she told me some remarkable things which bear on the subject of this blog. I think I'd better get her permission before I include any of it here, though.
It is so extremely wet I can't go plant in the garden. I tried 2 days ago and sank in so badly I was tearing up the ground and had to give up. It will be good for the transplanted lilac bushes, though, to get their roots in the ground and not be stressed for moisture to start.

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