Wednesday, June 9, 2010

When it comes time

Today my new friend whose message is on the last entry sent another one offering to come help, with a group of friends, if she can get them together, when it comes time to measure out the labyrinth and plant the lilacs. This is important, something I'll need but I had no idea how to make it happen. I have the feeling that it would be better for the labyrinth and the people who use it, to have people work on it who want to, not just do it for pay.


  1. Hi Terron,
    That sounds wonderful! The Universe has sent you quite a gift in this person.

  2. That is the truth, for sure! I'd say it is not just "my project" now, that she is behaving not like just someone who's helping me do what I want to do, but like a partner, who would carry on to finish it even if I dropped dead.

  3. Hi Terron, It seems as if the right persons and right things come to you on the right moments to support you in this huge project. What a blessing.