Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lilac bushes

The first lilac bushes I ordered arrived yesterday. These are not the ones for the labyrinth, but 15 of them I ordered to plant along the route of my waterline to mark it. But I suppose that means the 200 I ordered for the labyrinth are not far behind. When those come I will have to plant them temporarily along my septic tank drainfield, because it may be some months before I have the money to get the land cleared for the labyrinth.
When these 15 lilac bushes arrived there was a booklet on planting different things in with them. I looked to see what it might tell me about lilac bushes. Among other things it said they might take 3 to six years to get established, but it was worth it, because they could live for 300 years!
Today I did the first sanding on the inside of the bowls of the spoons I have made of one of the trunks of the lilac bush I was given. There are 10 big stir-the-pot sized spoons a foot long or more and 18 or 19 smaller ones. I estimate, if those all get dry without cracking, they will sell for a total of $300 or so, and there are 4 more trunks, I think. So the cost of clearing may all be supplied by that one bush. However long it will take to sell that many lilac spoons. But it's encouraging to see how much one lilac bush could contribute to this project. Well, it will be a week or two before the spoons are dry enough to sell.

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