Monday, May 17, 2010

Blooms & Birthdays

The way these blogs work, the first post goes off the page and I am concerned because that's the one that explains what this blog is all about. I intend to ask my friend and blog consultant, Robin, what to do about that, but I want to put here a notice to anybody who happens to read this for the first time to go to the bottom of the page and click on "Older Posts" and go to the first one to see the explanation of why I even made this blog in the first place.

Nothing more has happened as far as the labyrinth project itself goes that makes very exiting reading. The 200 lilac bushes I ordered have not shown up yet, but the 15 to mark the route of my water line have and I have planted most of them. The rest are just heeled in in the garden. I went out yesterday afternoon intending to plant them, but it was so cold I just planted the few handfulls of hulless oats I grew last year from a small sample. There is a Gaelic saying that whoever doesn't plant on a cold day won't harvest on a hot one, so I thought I should do it even if it was cold, and I'd plant at least a couple of lilacs afterwards. But it was blowing so hard and cold my hands were numb, and it started to rain, so I gave up.

The serviceberries (saskatoons, Indian pear) are a little past full bloom. Plums are blooming, the apple treees are slowly opening their buds into small green leaves. That is the stage things are at here.

It has been staying cold, in the 40s F (5-10C) in the daytime, which is quite a bit below the normal high of 14-15C (upper 50s to almost 60F).

I am working on another batch of spoons while the ones I made before dry enough for finish sanding. Some lilac, some apple, a few maple. I think there is a total of 54 in this batch.
Well, today is my birthday and my daughter and her husband are coming out, so I have to make sure everything is clean when they get here.


  1. Hi Terron,
    I wrote a comment earlier today but it doesn't seem to be here now...?
    Anyway, I was wishing you a happy belated birthday and told you that I like the Gaelic saying.
    Thanks for keeping us updated.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, Terron! I thought I commented earlier, too - and now don't see it - Hmmmm....that is odd.
    I hope all your lilac labyrinth and other dreams will come true and this will be your best year yet!

  3. Happy Birthday wishes Terron! Lovely to read your update... I can picture the budding garden!

  4. I know very well I posted a comment earlier today, answering Margie's when it was the only one there, but my comment is not there either. Is there any way we can communicate with the people who run this blog site in order to complain? All the wishes made on the Dream Cafe thread were actually in time and not late.
    It is sunny and warm today and I tried to go out and take a picture of the serviceberry blossoms, but the roll of film was at an end. I think I have another one, but I'm not sure where it is. That is a picture of the fruit and leaves at the top of this post.
    Well, I'd better see if this will post before I waste my time writing more.