Sunday, May 30, 2010

It is not long before sunset now. Late in the afternoon the sun came out and after giving it some time to dry off I went out and planted for a while. I got about 40 planted, and I suppose I could have done more, but I was getting hungry, so I quit and came in. I am very muddy and getting a little cold as the sun stops sending any heat in the windows. I need to get the fire to burn better and maybe take a shower. 60 or so left to go.


  1. Hi Terron,
    Good job! It sounds like hard work. I'm glad to hear that will stay out of the cold rain too. I read about your truck brakes. Didn't you have a dream on one of the dream forums about your truck being in a shop?

  2. Hi Margie, I have had dreams about my truck from time to time, including one in which I had taken it into a shop, but couldn't find any mechanic. But this is not a big enough job to take it in, really. I could probably do it myself, even though my legs barely work, but the kind of fittings I need to use are ones I don't like. I have never had a broken brake line before, but I've used them on other sorts of pipes and often had trouble to do them so they don't leak. My neighbor Jerry said if I got the fittings and 2 feet of line he'd cut the damaged section out and put in the new piece, so I will get him to do it. I don't know if he means for me to bring it to his place or he'll come over, but he only lives 2 miles down this gravel road that doesn't have much traffic.
    By the way, I had a dream last night that conisted of only one sentence, "A massive duck flew over here."