Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lilac spoons

Yesterday afternoon I cut out the first spoons from the lilac wood I was recently given. Today I cut out some more and ground the ones I cut yesterday into shape, so my project for raising the money to get the land cleared is underway! If other people send donations, that will make the process that much faster.

I also have given a friend who is much more experienced with blogs access, so that she can put some pictures on and improve it however she can think.

Someone suggested or asked if I was going to charge money to walk it. I said no. I think that is contrary to the very spirit of labyrinths. It should be available to anyone who wants it or needs it, whether they have money in their pocket or not. If it costs anything substantial to keep up, I suppose it would be fair to have a notice saying donations toward the upkeep will be accepted, or something like that. But lilac bushes don't grow so fast that they will require frequent pruning, and they survive for decades in total neglect. I have seen an abandoned farm on which the house had completely fallen and rotted away. There was only the cellar hole in the ground. And a lilac bush and a row of rhubarb.


  1. Hello Terron,
    Looking forward to your lilac labyrinth postings on this blog.

  2. This is great Terron! I love the image of the abandoned farm with not much more left than a hole in the ground, and a lilac bush :-). Couldn't ask for a better survival metaphor than that!

  3. OK Terron, I found this at last. Maybe you need to mention on the forum that people need to put in lilaclabyrinth in one word. Where iss the image? I didnt see it.

  4. All I can see around me is lilacs anymore. They are around each old house and barn and cover old homestead ruins. There is something about lilacs that feels so homey.

  5. Hi Terron,

    At least found out how it works.
    Beautiful pictures of the lilacs

  6. Following this thread of your dream Terron... beauty is guiding you... thank you for sharing this journey!

  7. Hi Terron, I can't wait to see this come to life, and I look forward to visiting one day!

  8. I had the idea it was possile to answer each comment individually, but Robin tells me it's not, so I will do my best to do it all here. Yeah, Savannah, I wish I had a picture of that lone lilac bush by the old cellar hole. It may still be there, but I am not in shape to go see.
    Anna, I don't know what image you are asking about. I haven't put any images of any kind on here, because I don't even know how. Robin put on the ones that are here. No lilacs blooming here yet. The daffodils are blooming and the plum trees. The apple trees are beginning to open their buds enough to show that they are the buds of green leaves. That is the stage things are in here on 11 May.
    Yes, Lea, maybe beauty is guiding me. I have pursued beauty in many forms for many years, and find it unnoticed right in front of many people's eyes, in the grain of the rock in a boulder, in the bark of a tree, in the lichen growing on an old stump, in the ice crystals on a frozen mud puddle.
    Heidi, I got in a hurry to get this done and people like Jan, who have experience, told me that labyrinths are made with patience and walked with patience. So, "I can't wait!" apparently has no application here. One has no choice but to have patience. But I do hope to see it come to life myself and I hope you will indeed come visit some day.