Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thanks to Robin!

Everything on this blog except for the text is here thanks to my friend Robin (whom I have never met in person). She has assembled the pictures, the quotes, the links and all that and arranged it so it looks much better than it did. I don't even know how to do it, and my connection is so slow that some of it would be impractical to do from here. I want to put on a picure of the area where I propose to make the labyrinth, but I am too disabled to go that far through woods and brush until I get the roadway cleared out and can drive my 4-wheeler in there. I may have an old picture I took years ago, but, if so, it will be a slide and a slide scanner would be necessary.


  1. Dear Terron,
    Pertaining to the dream you posted below...I believe you have fulfilled their request by posting all of your recent comments (if this were my dream, of course).
    And as for Robin, Hip Hip Hooray! She has done a wonderful job! Beautiful work Robin!
    Whatever photos you get - when you get them - would be wonderful Terron - take your time. We are happy to share in the journey,
    Margie (Seashore)

  2. Hi Margie, Yes, Robin has done a great job and quite quickly, too. Savannah supplied the picture at the top, with the labyrinth superimposed on lilacs and Robin put it on here. I've got to send her a spoon in thanks!

  3. I told Savannah that via this blog and the Facebook page, it seems she and I are dream-tending a garden.... which reminded me of one of her recently posted dreams ;-)

    It is an honor to play a part in helping a beautiful and aromatic dream come true.