Monday, October 4, 2010

Well, not much to report, but I guess I should report it anyhow. I have not sold much of lilac lately. One spoon and 2 spreaders, I think, for a total of $26. I have gone down to cut the logs across the road, but not worked on it a long time any of those times, because I have too much else to do. I have been picking my cornmeal corn ((and wishing I had done it sooner) and making salsa and canning string beans as well as applesauce. So I have made slow progress. I have one tree that is up in the air, leaning across the road into the trees on the other side. I could go under it for now, but I suppose I had better get it out of there. Then one little pole over the road a little farther along. Then nothing else in sight, and I won't know til I go around that corner if there's anything on the next stretch.

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  1. Thanks for keeping us posted, Terron. My mom used to do a lot of canning from the garden, especially green beans. How has the weather been?