Sunday, October 10, 2010

I just added up what I sold this week and it comes to $64 worth of lilac spoons. That is $60.02 more than I needed to reach my goal! So, I can tell them any time to come clear the land. But I want to go in there myself and look first, if I can, which depends on getting my 4-wheeler to start. I continue to have electrical problems.
But it's the middle of the night, and I can't go on about it now.


  1. That's wonderful news Terron. I'm amazed at your energy. How has the weather been up your way? Margie

  2. Hi Margie, the weather was unusually warm til the last week or so, then it cooled down. It has been a little colder than average for the high and not as low as normal for the low. But we have had a lot of wind. The leaves are not making as much color as usual, because they blow off as soon as they change, and lots haven't chaged color yet. There are noticeable amounts of bare trees on the hills, which gives an ominous feeling of a long, cold winter, yet I have less firewood than usual, so I am uneasy. I gotta get my 4-wheeler fixed. Terron

  3. Hi Terron,

    Congratulations, this is very good news.

  4. I hope the 4-wheeler is fixed soon for you too. We are under a tropical storm warning here in Florida, but it's hardly blowing or raining.
    Sending you best wishes and thanks for keeping us posted on the lilac project! You are a great motivator for me.
    I wanted to ask you a question regarding the lilac spoons. Can they be used in the kitchen or are they decoration only? Thanks.

  5. This is excellent news, Terron! Clapping and cheering and sending positive energy! Keep us posted!