Thursday, September 3, 2015

It has been even longer since the last post.  There was a message from the Mabou farmers market about a mulcher machine that could be seen in action at a certain man's place. It was not practical for me to go see it in person but I saw a video, and I could see it could clear my half-acre in a short time.  I e-mailed the contact person and found, oh, certainly they could do it.  In fact, I asked both that man and the driver of the machine, when I finally did talk to him on the phone, and they both said, yes, they could.
But they didn't call me, til I sent another message after a couple weeks.  He asked me to find a trucker to haul the machine to my place.  And he said my place might be too small to do economically.  I did find a trucker, but I haven't heard back yet whether they will do my lilac labyrinth place or not. This machine chips up the trees and rototills the chips into the ground.  But maybe, maybe, maybe . . .

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