Wednesday, August 9, 2017

It is now the evening of 9 August, 2017. I had just typed out a post and was considering whether I had anything more to add when the cat came and stepped on something and it all disappeared. Therefore I have shut the cat out of the room, I hope. I didn't actually see her go out the door so I can't be 100% certain she isn't hiding under the bed.
      I said that I have gotten discouraged because I have tried to hire people who said they would do it, but then never showed up. I have over $4700 in the account that I have been saving up particularly for this labyrinth.  Most of it is the proceeds of the sales of items I have made of lilac wood. Getting the land cleared is probably going to be the biggest expense. I would like to spread some lime on the area and something for fertilizer.  Lilacs do not require high fertility or a great deal of lime but the ground where I'm trying to do this is unusually poor and acid soil, so I'd like to improve it somewhat.
    And I have gotten a little more disabled in the last year or two, quite a bit more disabled since I started this project.  If I had known precisely where I needed to clear when I started out I might have been able to do some of that myself, but I can't do it now.  Wages are so much more now than anything I ever got paid in my life, that it gets hard to hire somebody.
     When I started this project, when I got the idea for it, I was a member of I dream study group that had a forum on the Internet. It was in existence for years, but last fall more people started to say they were taking time off until finally there was no one left but me. I posted the last dream on it. No one made any comments on it. Every week or two I would check in there to see whether there had been any other activity. But there never was.  Two nights ago I tried to look at it again but I just found a page that said "The domain has expired."  So that is completely gone.  I hope the same thing doesn't happen to this one before I can report that the labyrinth is done.

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  1. Hello, I purchased one of your lilac wooden spoons at a craft fair in Halifax several years ago. I just found this website of yours tonight and read some of your updates. Creating this labyrinth sounds like a lot of work and I hope that I can visit when it is complete. Your wooden spoon is definitely my favorite kitchen utensil and I use it whenever I want to inject a little bit of magic into whatever I'm baking. If I lived in the area, I would volunteer my time to help but I'm kind of far away so I will hopefully purchase some more of your spoons sometime soon. Thanks for creating beautiful things!