Sunday, August 10, 2014

It has been a long time without any progress.  Garvin did mark the edge with surveyors tape, but Wayne said the trees were too big and would take too long to chip to be reasonable.  I had a neighbor who has been working in the pulp woods come look at it, but his employer is not interested in such a small piece.  Neither is anyone else.  They all want at least 15 acres, not 1/2 acre.  Garvin moved away.
     I had an expression of interest from a wwoofer who is experienced with a chainsaw, but he went to PEI instead. I have had the son of an old friend come and do some work for me for pay and he expressed willingness to work on that job, but his car gave out on him a week or two ago, so he won't be able to come til he gets some transportation.  He also suggested his cousin, said he'd call him about it, but I haven't heard from this cousin yet. So I have hopes, but nothing is happening so far.
   I added up and with what I sold today at the market I have about $1100 more to go in the fund from the lilac spoons I've sold.
    I sure hope for more progress to report soon.


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