Thursday, September 15, 2011

At the end of the summer that wasn't

I thought it would dry out in the summer, but you could ay we didn't really have any summer. July was in the 50sF, 10-15C with frequent rain and August wasn't much different. My corn didn't grow to its usual size and doesn't look like it is going to produce anything at all. Some of the beans rotted in the ground, some grew, but have been behind. Peas, kale and lettuce did OK.
Anyhow, it never got dry enough that I thought it would make it certain I could get across the swamp. Timmy, who was the guy I called about the road before, is working in Fort McMurray, Alberta. But another guy is taking over for him here in the meantime and my son-in-law called him to do a job around the back of the house to change the grade a little and put in a drain to keep water from the driveway from running up against the foundation, so he came yesterday to inquire about the location of the water pipe and any buried wires he will have to avoid. I asked him to look at the road over the swamp to see what it would take to make it so I could get over with my 4 wheeler. He is going to do that. So I still have hopes of being ready to plant lilacs next spring.
I also got an e mail and then a phone call from a man who established a lilac-planting project in memory of his deceased daughter. He recommended I join the International Lilac Society and write something for their magazine about my project and I might get support from many people interested in lilacs. He also told me about a huge lilac nursery called Syringa Plus, if I remember right, and offered to help me with information, &c. So I did send in $25 to join that society. I haven't heard back yet, though.
Anyhow, that is all I have to report just now, but at least I have something to report, which hasn't happened for a while.

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