Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Well, Rats! Wayne came and he worked 4 1/2 hours and then had to go for more fuel. He said he was afraid that, if he went across the swamp one more time, the road would be so torn up he couldn't do it again, but he figured it would take him twice as much time more as he already spent, which would require him to come out again to fuel his machine again. So he needs to go in and out twice. That means he has to wait til it gets drier, or til the road is improved. But I don't have enough money to fix the road now.
Besides, he doesn't want to go ahead until I go in there and make sure he's doing what I want, but after he went over it, he doesn't think I can get over on the 4 wheeler. There is another way around, in which you stay on dry, firm ground, but that means going over the neighbor's place, and she's mad at me. The Dept. of Agriculture came and took away all her animals, and she blames me, as well as the rest of the people on the road, because when she asked they told her that everybody on the road was griping.
I wrote her a letter right after I found out about it, because it was not myself who called them, although I have had more damage from them than anyone else, but evidently she doesn't believe me. Anyhow, I doubt she'll let me go across her property now. So, what will I do?
Another problem is that, since there is a lot more woods there than I thought there would be, there is a thicker pile of chips than I expected. Wayne thinks there may be as much as 2 1/2 feet of them in some places. A few inches would be OK, but such a deep layer is too much. I will have to move them some way, and I suppose the most practical would be to have some sort of tractor push them into a heap at the edge of the clearing. I would like to make them into charcoal, but that will take a while. All this means the whole project will cost more than I was figuring on. My daughter will say, "I told you so." And I will have to wait longer to finish it, because I don't have the money for all that yet.

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