Saturday, September 24, 2011

I thought it was a while since I had deposited money in the savings account in which I am putting money for the lilac labyrinth, so I looked up in the passbook and found the last time was 22 July. I went through my record book and added up all the lilac ones I'd sold since, and it comes to $606. I wasn't sure I had that much. I find, on counting it, that I do, but not a great deal more, so I didn't put it in all at once, but something like $168, which was all I could afford from my wallet when I was at the bank. But I will get it in there sooner or later, and there is now over $3000 in the account. If I had realized I was going to make this entry here, I would have looked it up first.
One question on my mind is I have given a bunch of spoons on consignment this year to various shops, and some among them are lilac. I have lists of what went where, but how do I know which ones sold? At what point do I deposit that money, if I don't know which ones sold?
I guess I have to make up my mind on a system, but anyhow, I need to make sure not to forget those ones.
I am nearly out of lilac wood too. I have only scraps left, really, though a lot of those will make a little spoon or a butterknife type of spreader.
I'd better get to bed now.

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