Monday, November 22, 2010

Well, this is Monday, when the heavy equipment operators had said they'd come, but I got a call from the wife of one saying that as they were getting ready, Wayne, the guy with the Mulcher discovered that the teeth of his machine were pretty dull, so he decided they had to be sharpened. This will take most of the day, so they won't come til tomorrow. I'm in favor of sharp teeth on any tool that has teeth. I always sharpen a chain saw when it gets dull, so that sometimes I have annoyed people by stopping to sharpen my saw several times a day when I had to work under conditions that made it dull quickly. He will do a better job quicker with it sharp. I wish some of this 6" of snow that has fallen in the last few days would go, too, but a few inches of snow won't slow down big machines much.

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