Thursday, November 18, 2010

Well, I have finally called the heavy equipment operators to come clear the land. I had hoped to get in there before I called them to choose the eact spot, but there turned out to be too much stuff in the road for me to do it right away. I have been really busy making spoons, and also working on the woodshed to get it done before winter and I could see I won't have time to do it in time to get it cleared before winter. So they are coming Monday.
I won't be able to take my time deciding where to put it. Once they get the road good enough for me to get in on my 4-wheeler, I will have to tell them where to clear so they can go ahead and do it. But it is going to be ready for planting next spring!


  1. Hi Terron,

    That is really wonderfull knowing next spring the planting can start.

  2. How exciting! That is wonderful news Terron. Margie