Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I finally got down to the road into the labyrinth place again, now that my 4-wheeler is going. I cut the last tree that was blown down across the road. It looked too rotten on the outside to be good for anything but firewood, but actually it is pretty sound inside and it will make a floor joist for my woodshed, maybe 2 of them. It was late in the day, but I drove on in the road, since I had that tree out of the way, but I found a bunch of little trees coming up in the middle of the road, to the point I couldn't get by. I hope I'll get a chance to cut those and go on in at least til I see if I can get across the swamp. I may not be able to get over, in which case I will try going around by way of the neighbors' property. It used to be possible to get in that way. My nephew and his stepson and a friend of his came over not long before dark and lifted the two left over house timbers onto the concrete posts to make the sills of the woodshed. I sure hope I can get that done before it snows. But that is not part of the lilac labyrinth project, so I suppose it doesn't really belong here.

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