Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Within reach

This will answer Margie's comment as well as bring this up to date. I did not go to the market on Saturday, but I did on Sunday and also today, Wednesday. I also deposited $107 more, which brings the total now to $1541. Only $54 more to go! I was mistaken when I posted that I'd deposited $272, because in fact I deposited $242 last time. Anyhow it is possible one more market and I will have enough, surely another week or 2, anyhow. And I have 4 sticks of lilac wood left to make spoons out of too, each about 4 feet long, but only one thicker than 2 1/2 " or so..
Sunday I met a woman at market who is a naturopath. She already had heard about me, because she is friend of some friends of mine, and my son-in-law has gone to her as a physician as well. Anyhow, I figured a naturopath would take an interest in a labyrinth, and so she does. I asked her to look for lilac bushes that have a lot of little ones to dig up when the time comes to plant.

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