Thursday, September 9, 2010


I just want to mention that I checked my fair book and found that I left out $25 worth, so I should have deposited $297 instead of $272. So it's closer than I was figuring. This is the time of year that the tourists and summer cottage people go home, though, so the markets are likely to slow. Still, I don't have so far to go.
I have been working hard all day on spoons, not lilac spoons this batch, plum and apple ones. I've been having trouble keeping up, and I wonder if I should stay home Saturday and make more. The bearing this has on the lilac labyrinth is that if I don't go to the market, I won't sell any lilac ones either. One of my sisters sent me a message yesterday that she knows someone who is going to a big fair to sell something she and her husband produce, and she has offered to take some of my spoons as well, but I don't have anything to send her right now, and it will have to be sent pretty soon to get there in time, especially since it could be held up in customs.

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  1. Terron, I didn't read this posting until today. What did you end up doing this weekend - making spoons or going to the show? How did it all work out?