Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lilacs from Sobey's

I went to the farmer's market in Antigonish yesterday and saw my wonderful friend Jenny again for a while. After the market I went to a Sobey's supermarket to get some groceries. As I was leaving I heard someone call my name out. I looked all around but I didn't see who did it. They called a few times more and I finally saw it was an old friend sitting with her husband at a table you had to pass heading for the exit, selling tickets to a community picnic. I went back and talked with her for a while. Among other things, I told her about the lilac labyrinth. I said I have nearly enough money to get the land cleared but of course it will be necessary to buy a lot more lilacs. She said lilacs are all over the place and can be had for free. She told me her mother planted them many years ago and they have spread til they are taking over the yard and she has urged her brother to do something about them. She asked me if I have a truck. I told her I have a Toyota pickup. She figured it would take 2 trips. She said her brother has a backhoe and can dig them much faster than a person with a shovel. So she will give me lilac bushes when the time comes. I don't know how many that will be, but a significant number, for sure. So the necessary things gather little by little.


  1. Very good news again, Terron. It is all coming to you, step by step.

  2. That's wonderful Terron.