Sunday, August 22, 2010

The money as of 22 August

OK! By the time I deposited the last lilac money I had a total of $1161.97. I have now sold $126 more worth of lilac spoons - well, one $9 little bowl among them. That makes $1287.97, if I figure right. Of course I had $395 in that account before I started putting in money from lilac spoons. Hmmm. Should I tell them now to go ahead and clear, or wait til I have the whole $1200 from lilac spoons and donations? It might not take so much longer. What do you think?
I also talked to someone who has made a labyrinth on her own place and she thinks I probably have to stick with the proportions between thickness of line and width of path used in Chartres cathedral to make it any good. I hadn't considered that, because it would make the whole thing impossibly huge. That concerns me, though, because what if it's true? Does anybody who reads this know of any way to find that out? If it is true, it might be necessary to make one with fewer circuits. But I want to know for sure before I make a decision.


  1. Where is Terron's website, to see the lilac spoons and bowls?

  2. Hi Janet, I think it is under his name terrondodd (all one word), but Terron will probably answer you shortly.

  3. Hi Terron,
    If this were my labyrinth, I might wait a bit longer for more lilac money and not use my savings.
    This might also give me time to research size/width of planting. If this woman has a labyrinth already, I might tend to go with what she has said.
    Keep up the good work!
    p.s. Janet wanted your website to see spoons, I hope I gave her the correct one.
    Also, I wonder if you (or someone who knows how) could create a link from this site to your website and vice versa.

  4. Hi Terron,

    If this was me who was building a labyrinth I would ask Jan from the dreamforum advice about the size etc because she has much experience as a qualified labyrint teacher.
    I also should wait a bit longer to have all the money and not use my own.

  5. I thought there was my website address on here, but I see it isn't. I don't know how to put it where it should be and I will have to ask Robin to do that. It is I can't access that myself to make changes, have to get my son-in-law to do it, and there are some things that need to be changed, some obsolete information, and the picture captions, and there should be some information about prices. Also I suspect that the spam filter sometimes puts real messages in the spam folder, but I have no way to check that, so if you don't get an answer, write again.
    I have not been checking this blog very often while my daughter is here, and I have not put a link on my website to this blog because that would require telling my son-in-law about it and I don't want to have arguments with my older daughter about it all the time til the clearing is done.
    OK, I will keep on til I have the whole price of clearing from funds specifically designated for the lilac labyrinth project. I received aother donation yesterday and I also have lilac spoon money to deposit, so I have a total of $216 more to put in the account.
    I continue to sell spoons in general at a good rate, so I have to go into my shop now and work on the batch I have halfway done. I think there are about 60 spoons in it, but I think I sold 73 or something like that in the past week, so that is not keeping up with my sales.
    I got a call from a customer in BC who just got her order of spoons and wants to order more, but isn't in a rush. But she asked for 7 lilac ones, if I have them, so as to help the project. I also met a woman at a market whom I told about the labyrinth and who seems like she would be a real friend.
    I think Cisca is right, that I should consult Jan about the dimensions and proportions, and I had already decided to do that, but I haven't done it yet.
    Well, I'd better go make spoons.