Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The man who is talking to you

I should tell you who I am, so you know who is speaking here. My name is Terron (My mother made it up.) I was born in Seattle in 1942, and grew up north of there, looking out over Puget Sound. I have a degree in botany, but have worked at many things: building houses, cutting pulpwood, teaching Grade 4, working in the office of a rare book dealer, &c.

In 1964 I first visited Cape Breton Island. I moved here in 1969, and in 1973 bought an old farm with no buildings standing. I lived here for years, raised 2 daughters, mostly on my own, moved out west with them in 1985 and didn't move back except for visits of a few months until Dec.2004. I have now been making my living as a woodcarver since 1979, going to fairs and markets to sell my creations, mostly wooden spoons. I now have a website showing my work: www.terrondodd.com . (On it, there are ways to contact me.) Now that I am collecting Social Security and a little Canada Pension, it is not so important to make every dollar I can by spoons, but I still do it.

I have gotten disabled with MS, or some variety of it, in the last several years to the point that it is a serious hindrance to almost everything I do, but I still try to grow as much of my food as I can.

I have always been interested in dreams, and in spiritual subjects in general, but I have seldom had a lot of success in understanding my dreams. So, when a friend who is inclined to research everything I mention on the internet came up with the dream class mentioned in my previous post, I joined it.


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