Thursday, August 29, 2013

Yesterday I went down into the labyrinth clearing on my 4-wheeler with Garvin, my neighbor's nephew with  a 200-foot measuring tape and an axe.  We measured and found that the clearing is not nearly large enough.  So we located where the center would have to be, which is in the woods, and I had Garvin peel that tree with the axe to mark it plainly.  Today I got some surveyor's ribbon or tape or whatever they call it, that bright plastic ribbon they use to mark locations and boundaries.  I will have Garvin cut off the tree about 3 feet high, and drive a nail in the top of the stump.  Then the tape can be hooked on that and he can measure out in every direction and tie ribbon on a tree to mark the limits.  Half or so of the circle will be in the woods, and that will all have to be cleared. I will call Wayne again and have him come look at it.  It seems to me that there will be enough wood that is big enough for pulpwood that I might possibly get someone to do it for free if I give them the wood.  But it is disappointing to have to do more clearing at this point.  I hoped I could just plant.

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