Saturday, October 20, 2012

Yesterday, Wayne came up and said he had done all he could do, but the man with the chain saw wold have to come back.  So he came back today and finished.  I have paid them both,  which leaves me in debt to the lilac labyrinth fund, but I will have to calculate how much.  I will still pay it off out of money from lilac spoons, unless something goes wrong.  I think I will have to get Wayne back with another machine to level out the humps and hollows in part of the area, and maybe take a few stumps out.  Most of it is not bad.  I will try to mark out the labyrinth first, to see if there are any serious stumps I can't avoid right where I want to plant. 
     I also have to get the logs out that are left from the scattered larger trees.  Some of those should be sawed; some are too crooked.  I don't know how many there are yet, but if there are enough, I suppose I can sell them and use that money for the project as well.  The man who did the sawing told me that he knows somebody in River Denys who has 2 trailers for 4-wheelers, one that is quite long and one shorter one, and he will ask about them and tell me.  That would help a lot getting the logs out, I suppose, if I can load them into the trailer some way. 
     Anyhow, things are on the move here, and it looks much more certain I can finish.


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  1. hi Terron, it sounds good that the clearing is done for the most part. I can understand that you are glad there is some movement in de lilac labyrinth project. Yhanks for the update.