Thursday, October 18, 2012

Today I was just getting up when I heard the sound of a truck down at the road and I suddenly remembered Wayne was likely to come today.  So I rushed to get dressed and while I was putting my shoes on he showed up at the door.  I had to yell to him and he said he would start over there but asked if there was anything he could do for me first.  I asked him to put some gas from the gas can in my 4-wheeler.  I got out there as quick as I could and started it up and sped down to the road and down into what I call the swamp.  I caught up with them, and we got down to the end, where we conferred on where to go.  I told them what I thought and they started in.  I came back in an hour or so and gave the go-ahead, so they worked all day, Wayne in his machine and the other guy with his chain saw, for the trees that were big enough for logs or firewood.
    I intended to go back later in the day, but sanding the insides of spoons took longer than I thought and then Najim came home from school, so I didn't get down there til just after they left.  I am sorry to see that we still must not be where I intended, but I guess it will do. There are too many trees bigger than they could be if they had only grown as many years as it has been since it was cut over.  But, as I said, it will have to do.  I may have to hire some other machine to smooth it out, because there are rather a lot of humps and hollows for a labyrinth.   But Wayne called back this evening to get my verdict on his work so far, and he said he should be pretty near done tomorrow.
     So hurray!  the clearing will be done.  I hope I can plant it this fall.


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