Friday, December 10, 2010

Well, fooey! We got the road in to a certain point, but things have grown up so much I couldn't be sure where we were. Timmy and Wayne went tramping around in the woods looking for a place that corresonded to my description, while I went back up to the house for an aerial photograph. When I came back, they said they had found it. They had indeed found a place with a lot of stumps that looked like old pulpwood choppings. But I don't understand it, because the place never seemed to change in the years I lived here, and now there's trees 15 feet tall at least. So I told Wayne go up to the highest part of the ridge, where it starts to go downhill toward the big brook, and work from there back towards the swamp. Then I went back to the house, but it was already after 3PM and, as early as it gets dark, I don't think he got very far.
Early this morning before it got light, it snowed, and more snow fell off and on through the day, so he won't be able to do more til it goes, which might not be til next spring, now. However, the road is there, now. I wish I could just walk around like I should be able to, and be sure of the location, but the spaces between the trees aren't all big enough to get through on the 4-wheeler.

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