Monday, December 6, 2010

I have been away for a few days at a Christmas craft fair with my wooden spoons, so I will have some more to deposit in the labyrinth account, but I haven't added that up yet. Came back with some more lilac wood, too, given to me by a customer who had been going to burn it.
I told some of the customers who bought lilac spoons what their money was going to be used for and at least a couple said to let them know, because they would come walk it when it is done. I gave them the address of this blog where information like that will be posted.
I called the clearing guys again to see when they were going to come. That project has been on hold on account of snow, which apparently makes the mulcher machine choke on the chips, but the snow gradually disappeared during the last week and has been completely gone since last Thursday or Friday. Timmy said he had been going to call me tonight to tell me he talked to Wayne this morning who said he had started another job with his machine and wouldn't be free to come til Thursday. No snow is predicted this week, so I hope their prediction is accurate.

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