Monday, August 6, 2012

Wayne came to investigate whether suitable gravel for the road was obtainable on the site, and he started by scraping the thick layer of peat moss off the road.  What he found was that most of the road was just fine and needed no gravel, except there were some deep ruts caused by the machine that hauled out pulpwood before I even bought this place.  The only place that needed something more was a short stretch that goes across the boggiest part in the very bottom of the route.  That took cutting some poles and laying them in a hole where the ground was very wet.  So I guess the road is basically ready, after 2 days work on it with a machine, and no loads of gravel at all!  Hurray!  Now the rest of the area will have to be cleared and most of  the wood chips he made scraped off into a pile, and I will be ready to lay out the labyrinth.  Yahoo!

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